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Vestigo Health Solutions - Vestigo is Latin for Tracking. We are an innovative team with over 40 years of healthcare education consulting experience and solution-focused insight. Knowing you strive for excellence in preparing practice-ready healthcare professionals, we developed mobile software to serve Nursing Education. TracPracⓇ software is technology designed to simplify the clinical evaluation process with less paper, allowing for better visibility of clinical learning, and acclelerated communication of clinical development within a secure digital environment. Our vision is to partner with programs to understand the needs and tailor our software services to support curriculum needs with meaningful clinical competency data.


Our TracPracⓇ Software - (short for "Tracking Practice")  TracPracⓇ supports Nursing Education programs and the demands of both busy Students and Educators to transform clinical paperwork into digital clinical evaluations. We want to learn how you use your clinical data and help you get the most of your clinical documentation for student progress and practice-ready professionals! 


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