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What is TracPracⓇ?

TracPracⓇ is a secure web-based mobile tracking and evaluation solution for Nursing clinical education.  Now it's possible to collaborate and manage clinical data in a digital environment without piles of paper to maintain.  TracPracⓇ allows students and instructors quick access to communicate clinical evaluation data, follow clinical feedback, and promote practice-ready professionals!


Advantages For Students:

  • Eliminate paper records-Submit and Review daily clinical learning activities for simple submission
  • Access custom skills checklists to set clinical priorities
  • Accurately verify Check-in location & time at clinical sites with GPS location services
  • Practice SBAR eform communication for better communication with the healthcare team
  • Snapshot your progress with export/print options of Performance Reports
  • Real-time Chat with your instructor(s) for HIPAA compliant communication
  • Scan & Export certification cards into TracPracⓇ Clinical Wallet to meet compliance requirements
  • NEW!  Share digital Reflective Journaling assignments with Instructors


Advantages For Instructors:

  • Reduce paper records-Track and Evaluate student clinical learning experiences
  • Share real-time feedback for students to practice future preformance
  • Guide students to prioritize skills from instant access to skills checklists
  • Accurately verify check-in location & time at clinical sites with GPS location services
  • Assign SBAR eform to improve clear communication and reduce anxiety for students
  • Access quick reports to identify strengths and gaps in performance
  • Real-time Chat with your educators, clinical nurses, & students for HIPAA compliant communication
  • Assign individual remediation plans for students or share program recommendations for improvement.
  • NEW!  Share digital Journal Reflection weekly summaries with Students for continuous quality improvement feedback.


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