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Take the Hassle Out of Clinical Paperwork to Manage experiences in TracPracTM


Works for Nursing Instructors and Students On-the-Go!

Once TracPrac is installed on the your phone, it tracks the contact hours and time students spend in clinical experiences. Students can start or stop their sessions when they are ready. GPS location of clinical site is logged and recorded creating a complete record for student evaluations or a summary for e-portfolios.



Tailored to Fit Your Needs

Add skills checklists and clinical sites into the system. We help with the set-up to get TracPrac up and running to reduce the piles of paperwork. Our software provides on-demand visibility of student clinical experience with evidence of contact hours. Our proprietary “Tag” feature allows programs to tie student learning outcomes to skills competencies.



Student Performance Reports at Your Fingertips

Need reports of student clinical activity? TracPracTM maintains an accurate record of all student clinical/lab logs submitted securely in the cloud. Access each student summary on the desktop to get a report of clinical activities, feedback provided, or export for your own files. Need more detail, use filters to view improvement areas or contact hours in various environments (i.e. Lab, Simulation, or Clinical).



All-in-one Secure Digital Environment

Various Communication forms allow instructors to communicate with students in real-time to impact student’s clinical development. Initiate SBAR communication e-forms, Clinical Remediation for an improvement action plan, and Chat to send secure messages to the clinical group for instant communication.




Evaluations Where You Want It

The TracPrac App and Online Dashboard is available on your smartphone, tablet, and desktop access (for instructors). Partner with Vestigo Health Solutions for On-Demand Services to digitize your Final Clinical Evaluation Tool for an interactive evaluation for an efficient way to  manage student clinical experiences.


Choose Your TracPrac Purchasing Option


Student Subscription

Option 1:
Students purchase

1-year subscription access and renewals via PayPal® Secure Payment methods on our website.

Direct Institutional Invoicing

Option 2:
Schools may elect to purchase subscription access for students, Vestigo Health Solutions can invoice the institution directly.

Flexible Split Payment

Option 3:

Schools may choose to split the subscription cost with students. Vestigo Health Solutions can set up custom fee per student to contribute via

PayPal® while remaining balance is invoiced to School.


Option 4:

Vestigo Health Solutions offers a physical access code booklet with UPC for bookstore purchases.

*On-Demand Digitizing Services

Add On:
Available Spring 2018-

Vestigo Health Solutions offers On-Demand services to digitize program Clinical Evaluation Tool for an interactive form with tracking.

*Contact us to get a quote for your conversion.

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