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Privacy Policy for TracPrac by Vestigo Health Solutions, LLC

*Updated 11/01/2023

1.    TracPracⓇ  website and app (the “Application”), by Vestigo Health Solutions LLC (“Vestigo”) is a web-based secured mobile application/ facilitating subscription-based Software as a Service (SaaS) designed to record and track student clinical activity and performance progress in clinical education programs. The Application is installed on a user’s smartphone and a subscription allows enrolled students to connect the application to Vestigo’s Cloud-based Server hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to voluntarily log qualitative clinical activity for clinical education programs. Program/School personnel (“Evaluators”) may access student activity to track and evaluate student progress and performance. Students, Evaluators, and Schools may export aggregate performance reports for the designated subscription length and for any renewal terms.  All Instructors/Evaluators are registered, authenticated, and managed in the system by authorized School/Program Administrators.  All student activity is temporarily stored by the Application and transmitted to Vestigo’s secure Cloud-based Server (AWS) when a data connection is available.  All archived data is secured with SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption and upon expiration of subscription as inactive data. Schools/Programs contract with Vestigo to require licensed users to voluntarily enter data in TracPrac to submit for qualitative evaluation purposes, verification of data, and export activity reports for the subscription length and/or desired renewal depending on the length of the program. All performance activities are temporarily stored in the user’s App if the data connection is unavailable and when the data connection is restored it is sent to a secure Cloud-based Server (AWS).
 2.      Contact Information / Email Inquiries:  For questions about our policy or if you wish to contact us with comments,
please contact us at: Vestigo Health Solutions,


3.         Collected info: TracPracⓇ collects (User’s each student’s name, email, school/program, postal code, phone number, and student unique identifier (collectively, “Student Information”) for transmission and storage on the Vestigo server to avoid duplication). Vestigo uses Student Information collected from users for programs to facilitate 1:1 communication between Evaluators and students for reasons related only to School/Program activity recorded in the Application, to authenticate student login credentials, to validate student attendance, geo-locate proximity or vicinity of clinical site, verify activity performance, provide data summaries for Schools/Programs & educators for accreditation purposes, render technical assistance, and perform administrative maintenance.  It is also used for login validation purposes, website administrative duties, and sending info to registered TracPrac Users. Vestigo does not sell or share Student Information or data with any third parties.  Vestigo restricts internal company access to Student Information to authorized and vetted employees of Vestigo Health Solutions. Students/users are accountable for recording their own qualitative performance activities and summaries in TracPrac - failure to do so does not hold Vestigo Health Solutions liable for ‘the user’s overall program success/progress.


4.         Payment/REFUNDS:  PayPal payment processing gateway is used to securely collect payment of annual subscription and renewal fees for subscription lengths.  Current annual, and renewal subscription rates are available to subscribers upon request at No student financial data is collected, maintained, or stored in our system or on domain or subdomains.  (PayPal’s privacy policy applies to all payment web apps.
●       Full refunds will be made available within 30 days of the purchase date as specified by the School/Program requirements in its payment arrangement with Vestigo Health Solutions. No refunds will be made thereafter.
●        If a student withdraws from a program for any reason, and then re-enters that program at a later date, the student will pay the required subscription fees as if starting the program over again.
●       Students will be required to pay new subscription fee if entering a different program within the same academic/hospital institution School/Program.
●       In the unlikely event of loss of user’s data during an active subscription, Only the user’s subscription costs for the length purchased  (up to a maximum of $65US) will be refunded.  
*Users have the ability to export their student data daily for their own portfolios/records so Vestigo is not responsible for data that is not properly recorded as outlined in the learning center or tutorials.
5.         Tracking Tech: Location service for the proximity of clinical site (activity log of app), if enabled, is used for recording user’s proximity of location or electronic visit verification (EVV) for clinical sites specific to their school/program profile. The Application also includes secure in-app 1:1 mobile messaging but does not track read receipts or response notifications. A User’s location is not traceable by other users and does not track if the user leaves the vicinity.  Vestigo does not share user locations with other users. Student users may also choose to disable location services and select a default location of “no specified location”.  The application does not contain online bulletin boards, chat rooms, newsgroups, or other public forums


6.         User Profile:  Users can access their profile in the app or website to edit the email and phone provided but must contact Vestigo directly to edit school and program assignments to avoid account duplication and maintain the continuation of data storage for school accreditation records.


7.      Account Deletion: In accordance with the respective App Store guidelines, the TracPrac App supports Student account creation and allows Student Account deletion from within the TracPrac app.  Account deletion is applicable for student accounts beginning June 30, 2022. 
Except as otherwise stated in the privacy policy, Vestigo will retain all student user data as long as needed for your school/clinical education requirements to provide the services or fulfill the purposes for which it was collected.  Vestigo provides separate secure cloud storage for ongoing archive data access or can provide zip files for Schools to download all files at the end of each semester for their own discretionary storage.  Student and School users have the ability to export/download their own data as often as they choose. If Schools/programs prefer not to store data in the Vestigo Archive Storage, they may download their own data periodically, and submit a written request for school data to be permanently deleted from any Vestigo servers after each respective term. *Student Users have their own access to download all reports/portfolio documentation necessary for personal records, State Boards, and/or employment agencies prior to account deletion.
Impact of account deletion within TracPrac: 
Student Users:  From within the TracPrac App>Settings, students may choose “Delete Account” at any time to permanently delete their profile with all associated clinical logs and evaluations from all Vestigo servers within 30 days of confirming the action.  Student User may abort deletion by clicking cancel if account deletion is clicked by the student in error.  (Instructor account creation is not supported and Instructor profiles are created by the school administrator so Instructor Accounts must also be deleted by the school)
  •  TracPrac software is provided as a service for Schools and Student to collect required clinical attendance and performance activities for the purpose of qualitative program evaluation and evidence. *Vestigo respects user privacy and does NOT sell, nor share your information to any third party. Only authorized, vetted employees of Vestigo will have restricted access to user data for support purposes.
  • If Account deletion is confirmed,  the Student User is responsible for downloading all reports/portfolio documentation necessary for schools, State Boards, and/or employment agencies prior to account deletion. Account Deletion cannot be restored after 30 days. (see steps below)
  •  To recover/restore Student account:  Student users must cancel Account Deletion to restore the profile and associated data by selecting Cancel or may log into the account profile before the 30 days have elapsed.  (see steps below)
*Contact TracPrac at for additional questions related to Student account deletion.


To Delete TracPrac Student Account, follow this process.  Completing this process will permanently remove your student account and all clinical performance data.

*NOTE: Please contact your School Administrator or Course instructor to alert them of deleting your TracPrac profile in case the school needs copies of your Clinical reports.

  1. Login to the TracPrac mobile app (IOS or Android)

  2. From the Menu, Open Settings

  3. Select Delete Account under the Logout optio

  4. Click Confirm to start the deletion process

  5. You will receive a confirmation email including the Delete Account confirmation Date, sent to the address used in your TracPrac profile (school email or personal email).


To Restore/Recover TracPrac Student Account, follow these steps:

IMPORTANT-Time Senstiive

  1. If Delete Account is clicked by mistake, click CANCEL to exit the deletion process and return to using the app.

  2. If you Confirm Delete Account,  Login to the TracPrac App immediately before 30 days or scheduled deletion date to restore and recover your account profile and all data.

  3. Email TracPrac Support at or  to request to restore your account BEFORE 30 days ( or scheduled deletion date).

8.         Notifications: Users will receive notification via email of any changes in the privacy policy and use of the user’s personally identifiable information (PII) or can access policy updates at the following link:
9.         Data Retention: Vestigo offers different retention plans depending on the agreement with the school/program.  Vestigo will keep data records as long as reasonably necessary or permanently delete all school data at the written request of the school/program. Data records older than 7 years (post-graduation) will be purged or archived, at the discretion of Vestigo. It is the responsibility of users to save data through offline exporting or downloading at the end of each term or academic year. If records are requested to be archived with Vestigo for longer than 7 years rather than purged, a fee for extended storage/recovery may be assessed.


10.         Security and Confidentiality: Security and confidentiality of our user’s data is very important to us. Vestigo uses commercially high-standard security measures and privacy safeguards to secure all user data and access to profiles. Our system is secured with an (OV) SSL certificate and advanced encryption standards with WAF (firewall). Registration requires User multi-factor authentication MFA. Our system is hosted in cloud-based servers (AWS) and provides SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption (the highest available) to protect data that is at rest and in motion. Vestigo monitors data activity daily with preset condition alerts.


11.       Ownership changes: If there is a change in business ownership: Users will be notified of the transfer of ownership within 60 days of final change of management. Users expressly consent to Vestigo Health Solutions transferring information/archives to a new owner or successor entity as set forth in this policy to continue providing the application and services.


12.    Modifications: Vestigo reserves the right to update this Policy periodically at our sole discretion. If our privacy principles change considerably in the future, we will post an updated version of the privacy policy page. It is the user’s responsibility to review this Policy for any changes each time you use the Service.
13.    Text Messaging.  By Creating an Account, you agree that Support may send non-marketing text (SMS) messages as part of the normal business operations of use of Vestigo Services. You may opt-out of receiving text (SMS) messages from TracPrac/Vestigo at any time by contacting us directly at  You acknowledge that opting out of receiving text (SMS) messages may impact your use and level of support of our TracPrac/Vestigo services. Frequency: the number of text (SMS) messages may vary depending on your account activity and communication with TracPrac/Vestigo Support.
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