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Privacy Policy


1.         TracPracTM  application (the “Application”), by Vestigo Health Solutions LLC (“Vestigo”) is a downloadable secure mobile application facilitating subscription based Software as a Service (SaaS) designed for recordation and tracking of student clinical activity and performance in clinical education programs. The Application is installed on a subscriber’s smartphone and allows connection to the Application to Vestigo’s Cloud-based Server hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to record activity in clinical educational programs. Program/School personnel (“Evaluators”) may access student submitted activity to track and evaluate progress and performance. Both students and Evaluators may export performance activity records for the term of School/Program subscription and for any renewal terms.  All Evaluators are registered, authenticated, and managed in the system by designated School/Program Administrators.  All student activity is temporarily stored by the Application and transmitted to Vestigo’s secure Cloud-based Server when a data connection is available.  All archived data is secured with SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption and upon expiration of suscription as inactive data.


2.         Contact Us / Email Inquiries:                                                                                         Phone: 480.630.4447 or 877-SKILLS-4


3.         Collected info: TracPracTM collects each student’s name, email, school/program, postal code, phone number, and student unique identifier (collectively, “Student Information”) for transmission and storage on the Vestigo server. Vestigo uses Student Information to facilitate 1:1 secured communication between Evaluators and students for reasons related only to School/Program activity recorded in the Application, to authenticate student login credentials, confirm student attendance, geo-locate vicinity of clinical site, verify activity performance, provide data summaries for Schools/Programs & educators for accreditation purposes, render technical assistance, and perform administrative maintenance.  Vestigo does not share Student Information with third parties and restricts access to Student Information to vetted employees of Vestigo.


4.         Payment/REFUNDS:  PayPal payment gateway is used to collect payment of annual subscription and renewal fees.  Current monthly, annual, and renewal subscription rates are available at   No student financial data is collected on domain or subdomains.  PayPal’s privacy policy applies to all of their payment webapps.

  • Full refunds will be available for 30 days after the due date as specified by the School/Program in its payment arrangement with Vestigo. No refunds will be made thereafter.

  • If a student withdraws from a program for any reason, and then re-enters that program at a later date, the student will pay the required subscription fees as if starting the program over again.

  • Students will be required to pay new subscription fee if entering a different program within the same School/Program.

  • In the event of loss of user’s data during active subscription, only user’s subscription costs (max $65) will be refunded.


5.         Tracking Tech: Location service for proximity of clinical site (one page of app), if enabled, is used for recording user’s proximity of location or electronic visit verification (EVV).  The Application also includes secure in-app 1:1 mobile messaging but does not track read receipts or response notifications.   A user’s location is not traceable by other users and Vestigo does not share user location with other users or partners.  There are no online bulletin boards, chat rooms, news groups or other public forums in Application.


6.         Subscriber/User can access their own profile in the app to edit personal information provided but must contact Vestigo directly to edit school/professional email address to avoid account duplication and maintaining continuation of data storage.


7.         Subscribers/Users will receive notification via email of any changes in privacy policy and use of the user’s personally identifiable information or can access updates:


8.         Data records older than 5 years will be purged or archived, at the discretion of Vestigo. It is the responsibility of users to save data through offline exporting or printout, if records are archived rather than purged, a fee for storage/recovery may be assessed.


9.         Our website is verified and secured by SSL certificate and encryption with WAF (firewall).  Registration requires User authentication via email. Our Website is hosted in a cloud-based server (AWS) and provides SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption (highest available) to protect content.


10.       If there is a change in business ownership: users expressly consent to Vestigo transferring your information/archives to new owner or successor entity as set forth in this policy to continue providing the application and services.


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